Account usage stats (summary)

This page provides an overview of your account's event-adds and subscribers for the selected month. When one of your users clicks one of our tools (via a button or link) to add your event to their calendar, they are prompted to choose their desired calendar provider. When they do so, our servers receive that request, record an "event-add" for your account, and then redirect the user to their chosen calendar provider where they can save your event.

Total event-adds(summary)

A brief summary of event-adds this month & all time.

Event-adds this month 0
Event-adds all time 0

Total calendar subscribers (summary)

A brief summary of calendar subscribers this month & all time.

Subscribers this month 0
Subscribers all time 0

The following sections show which AddEvent tools
your event-adds are coming from.


Calendars (subscription calendars)

Total active & all-time subscription calendars


Events (created through the Dashboard)

A list of events & total event-adds. Event-adds includes event-adds from all methods you've used to share the event.


Automated add-to-calendar button (on domains)

A list of domains & total event-adds (two recent months)


No data found.

Automated add-to-calendar links

Data for automated add-to-calendar links & total event-adds


No data found.