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Custom RSVP forms (for events)

Customize which data you want to collect about your attendees and set up event reminders to remind your attendees of the event. Customizing email reminders requires knowledge of email HTML. You can create an unlimited number of RSVP templates.

RSVP forms

What is email HTML?
Coding HTML for emails/newsletters is old school. Think back to 1999, when we called ourselves "webmasters" and used Frontpage, WYSIWYG editors and tables to mark up our websites. In emails Javascript and dynamic content are blocked leaving the format very static - tags like tables and links are preferred. Our premade HTML for emails have been tested in the major email vendors like Gmail, Outlook,, and Yahoo. It has also been tested on mobile devices and tablets.

When you customize the email HTML you should focus on testing it in Outlook and Gmail and run tests on desktops and mobile devices. The Outlook desktop client is the hardest client to optimize for so that's a good place to start when testing your own custom HTML.
How can I change the text on the event page/RSVP form?
Custom RSVP forms are a part of custom templates which is available in each event. In order to use a custom template make sure that the "Templates" select box is visible in your event form. Look for "Form fields ..." at the top right in the event form.
What kind of information can I request in the RSVP form?
You can request "Text" input, "Number" input, "Multiple Options" input (as a select box or radios), "Email" input, "Date" input, "Country" input, "US States" input, "Query String" input (as a hidden field or a text field).
Can I track custom variables from other campaigns or emails?
Yes. You can create a "Query String Variable" which enables you to pick up variables from query strings added to the event URL. If you want to capture e.g. a campaign code added to your event page URL (e.g. then add a "Query String" to your RSVP form. Put in "campaignid" in the "Variable name" field. The field will automatically be filled in with the information if it is available and recorded along with the user's RSVP information.
How can I find the ID of my RSVP form?
When you create a custom RSVP form, the form gets an ID. You can find the ID after the name of the form.
Can I use custom RSVP form using the "Direct URL Method"?
Not yet. Custom RSVP forms currently only work with "Events".
I need help with a custom template. Can you help me out?
Absolutely. If you have any coding questions or requests, then reach out to We don't offer help programming your custom template/RSVP form, but we're always here to help.