Licensed Domains (for "Add to Calendar" buttons)

To use an add-to-calendar button on your website, you will need to license (or “whitelist”) the domain on which you wish to use the button. Licensing the domain will allow the button to work on that domain and will allow us to collect usage data for that button. If you fail to license the domain, the button will not work, and you will receive an error message.

Success. Your domain has been added.

Error. Please enter a valid URL (e.g. or a base domain (e.g. Domains may not contain any spaces, ", ', =, ?, &, or ?. Please check your entry and try again.

Error. You are not permitted to add this domain to your account.
Please only add domains that you own.


Error. You cannot enable this domain because your plan limit has been met.
Either disable an existing domain and try again, or upgrade your account.


Error. This domain is already registered on your account.


To manually add a domain, please enter the domain or sub-domain where your add-to-calendar button is located into the box below. To enter a sub-domain, use either of the following formats: “” or “”, then check the “Independent sub-domain” checkbox. To enter a root domain, use either of the following formats: “” or “”. You don't need to enter any sub-domain aliases, e.g. * If you want to cover aliases for a domain, simply enter the base domain, e.g.

Independent sub-domain

Please only add domains that you own. Account usage is recorded by domain and adding a domain you do not own may result in you paying for someone else's usage.
Once your domain is licensed, your add-to-calendar buttons will work on that domain. Read more We record usage for all add-to-calendar buttons, and on your analytics page you’ll be able to see the total event-adds for your account across all your tools. In order to see your add-to-calendar button usage broken down by domain, however, you’ll need to verify your ownership of your domain. This is an extra security measure so that no one is able to look up add-to-calendar button usage for domains they do not own. To verify your domains and see individual add-to-calendar usage for those domains, please click here.


List of licensed domains (total: 0)

If you discover a domain not added by you, someone might be using your client code illegally.
You can disable domains not added by you by blocking them in the list below.

Questions and answers

Below you'll find some of the most asked questions.

Why do I need to add my domain(s) in this list?
In order to use our services, you need a license. By adding the domain(s) where you use our services, you let our system know that the domain is part of your account and has a valid license.
What happens if I forget to add my domain?
Our software records and analyzes incoming usage. If activity on an unlicensed domain is detected, our software will try to send a notification to the particular website letting it know about the missing license.
About licensing "Independent sub-domains" vs. root domains
With a recent update, you are now able to license specific sub-domains (e.g. “”) as well as entire root domains (e.g. “”). When you license a sub-domain, we collect usage for add-to-calendar buttons on only that specific sub-domain. This provides you with two advantages.

The first is if you are using add-to-calendar buttons on multiple sub-domains, you will be able to differentiate usage between those different sub-domains. The second is if you license a root domain, there is no way for us to differentiate between sub-domains, so we analyze the usage for the entire root domain and attribute that to your account. This means that if there are third parties using an add-to-calendar button on a different sub-domain that shares your root domain, their usage will be attributed to your account.
Adding your domain
Domains can be added manually or automatically to your list of licensed domains. To automatically add a domain, simply include the client ID for your AddEvent account in your button code, and that domain will appear in the list of licensed domains below. Automatically adding domains is available with all paid plans.
I use AddEvent on a SaaS platform and don't want to add the domains manually.
If you want to add usage domains automatically, simply include the client tag in your button code.

We're happy to help you out in case you have any questions not listed above. Check out our Help Center or get in touch with Support.